Searching Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums searches across tags, captions, album titles, album descriptions, and album locations to deliver you relevant photos and videos. Following your search, you can fine tune to find exactly what you're looking for:

Control the breadth of your search

Choose one of the following options at the top of the search results to control the body of photos that you search:

  • Community photos: Search across public Picasa Web Albums photos.
  • My Photos: See the photos from your public and unlisted albums that match your search term.
  • People I'm Following: Search across public photos of people you're following.

Use advanced search to narrow it down

Choose one of the advanced search options on the left to refine your results. Among your options are faces (with faces or without), aspect ratio (Landscape vs. Portrait vs. Panaroma), size, format (photos vs. video), camera type (Nikon, Canon, etc.), Creative Commons license type (copyright status), and the order (by date or by relevance).

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