iPhoto Exporter How-to

To upload your photos from iPhoto, please follow these steps:

  1. Open iPhoto and select the photos you want to upload.
  2. Choose File > Export. For some versions of iPhoto, you will need to select Share > Export.
  3. In the Export Photos dialog box, click Picasa Web Albums. If prompted, sign in with your Picasa Web Albums username and password.
  4. To upload to a new Picasa Web album, click New Album and enter a name and description. To upload to an existing album, click Existing Album, and choose an album from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click Export to upload your photos.

Additional tips:

  • Upload an entire album at once by selecting an album in iPhoto's Source List on the left side of the page.
  • Comments added in iPhoto will be uploaded to Picasa Web Albums along with the photos.
  • Checking the box next to 'Make Picasa Web Albums tags from iPhoto keywords' to convert iPhoto keywords to tags in Picasa Web Albums.
  • Upload your photos faster and save storage space by choosing from one of the options on the 'Scale Large Photos' drop-down menu. Here are your options:
    1. Actual: Same size as original file on disk, preserves all photo metadata, such as camera type and exposure settings
    2. Better Quality (1600 pixels): Great for prints, sharing online albums, or for use as a screensaver
    3. Fastest Upload (1000 pixels): Good for sharing online albums with friends and family
    People visiting your web albums will be able to click the Download button at the top of any photo to download the photo at the same resolution and size as you uploaded it.
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