Folder List organization

The Picasa folder list allows you to neatly display and sort the folders on your hard drive. You can change the way you view these folders without changing their actual location on your hard drive.

  1. Click the View menu.
  2. Select Folder View.
  3. Select your folder view or your sort type. You can also change the Picasa folder view by using the buttons above the Folder List.
    • Flat folder view

      This is the default view. This view displays all the folders that you've directed the Folder Manager to scan, regardless of the folder hierarchy on your computer's hard drive. Apart from your normal 'Folders' collection, you may notice other collections like 'Projects' and 'Downloaded Albums' which are designed to organize specific types of photos.

    • Tree view

      With this view, all of your scanned folders and sub-folders are presented in a hierarchical view, reflecting the folder structure of your hard drive. You'll see your folders grouped under headings like 'My Pictures' and 'My Documents' (Windows) or 'Pictures' and 'iPhoto Library' (Mac).

      Other collections like 'Projects,' 'Exported Pictures,' and 'Hidden Folders' won't be visible in the Tree view.

    • Simplified tree view

      All of your scanned folders and sub-folders are presented on the same level underneath the top-level directory. This is a good way to sort all of your folders within the same list.

Within each view, you can sort the folders by creation date, size, name, or recent changes. Just use the pull-down arrow menu in the button bar above your folder list. Learn more about sorting both folders and photos in Picasa.

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