Photo policy

As stated in our Program Policies, photos uploaded in Picasa Web Albums cannot contain certain materials, such as nudity, pornography, spam, promotion of hate, violent, or illegal content. In addition, behaviors such as spamming or the transmission of malware will not be allowed.

Google reserves the right to remove individual photos, albums, or accounts hosted in Picasa Web Albums. Sharing and editing actions may also be disabled on photos that violate Picasa Web Albums Program Policies.

If you believe your Google Account for Picasa Web Albums has been disabled by mistake, please sign in to Picasa Web Albums and you'll have the opportunity to appeal that decision. If a Google Account for Picasa Web Albums has been rightfully removed following a violation of our Program Policies, it will not be returned.

Users who have content removed for a violation of our Program Policies will not be refunded for any previously purchased Google Account storage.

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