Add a comment

You can share your thoughts about a friend's photos by leaving a comment. Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Visit the photo you'd like to comment on.
  3. Type your comment in the text box that appears under the photo.
  4. Decide if you'd like to be notified by email if someone else comments after you.
    • If you haven't signed up for Google+: Select the checkbox next to 'Subscribe' to receive email notifications.
    • If you've signed up for Google+: Control comment notifications using your Google+ settings.
  5. Click Post Comment.

Comments are visible to everyone that can view the photo.

Conversations across Google+ and Picasa Web Albums

Once you sign up for Google+, comments are shared between Google+ and Picasa Web Albums. This means:

  • Comments on photos will generate a post on the Google+ stream.
  • Comments on photos in Google+ will be displayed in Picasa Web Albums.
  • Only other Google+ users will be able to comment on your photos in Picasa Web Albums.
  • Mentioning someone in a comment using +name or +email address will give them access to the album. Learn more about resharing
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