Add captions

Follow these steps to add captions to your own photos in Picasa Web Albums:

The fast way:

  1. From the My Photos page, click on the album you'd like to caption.
  2. Click Actions > Captions.
  3. Add captions to your photos.
  4. Click the Done button.

The slow way:

  1. Navigate to view an individual photo.
  2. Click Add a Caption below your photo.
  3. Write your captions and then click Save Caption.

There is a 1024-character limit for captions displayed in Picasa Web Albums. When uploading photos from the Picasa software, all photo captions will be uploaded with your photos. As the Picasa software has no character limit, captions longer than 1024 characters will be truncated appropriately for display in Picasa Web Albums.

Changes made to captions in Picasa can automatically be reflected in your online albums by enabling Sync to Web in Picasa. You can also manually prompt your captions created and edited in Picasa Web Albums to be synced down to your photos in Picasa. Learn more about copying your online changes to Picasa.

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