Search Picasa

You can search Picasa to locate your photos based on keyword, filter for criteria like geotags, or photos containing a particular color. Use the search box or create preset search filters:

Search box

Picasa can find any text associated with a photo. This includes the following:
  • Filenames
  • Captions
  • Tags
  • Folder or album names
  • Camera maker
  • Date (i.e. 'November' or '2008')
Enter a term in the search box in the upper-right corner of your Library. As you type your search term, Picasa refines the results. To narrow your search, include multiple words in your search criteria.

Search filters

You can search for your photos using preset Picasa filters. 5 search filter buttons are located to the left of the search box in your Library.
  • Starred photos: Shows all starred photos.
  • Uploaded photos: Displays photos uploaded to Picasa Web Albums.
  • People: Displays pictures where Picasa has detected a face.
  • Movies: Presents all movie files.
  • Geotags: Shows you all photos with geotags applied.
These filters can be combined with each other and also with keyword search. For example, you may want to know which photos you've uploaded to Picasa Web Albums with the tag 'flowers.'

Search by color

You can also try an experimental feature that lets you search for photos that contain a certain color:
  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Experimental.
  3. Click Search for.
  4. Select the color you'd like to search for.
Picasa will will display all photos where your selected color is detected.

All photos included in the search results will be grouped together in a temporary album, accessible in your Folder List under the Albums collection. You can perform any normal action (i.e. upload, email, BlogThis!) on the photos included in this album. The search results remain until you reset the search. You can reset a search by clicking the Back to View All button in the green bar at the top of the Library.

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