Picasa options

Many of your Picasa settings can be adjusted in the Options window. Go to the window by clicking the Tools menu in Picasa and selecting Options. Available options within the seven tabs are described in more detail below. Click a link to expand the section.


  • Control automatic updates.
  • Change display language.
  • Adjust hard drive location for imported photos.
  • Control other assorted settings:
    • Automatically detect duplicate files while importing.
    • Use special effects in user interface: This lets Picasa perform smooth transitions while rotating, applying edits, or previewing a photo.
    • Show tooltips: Help boxes appear over buttons and features in Picasa.
    • Single-click to exit 'Edit View': This lets you exit the 'Edit Photos' screen with one click.
    • Clear cache files for your default browser: This can help prevent problems when emailing or uploading photos.
    • Delete from disk without confirmation.
    • Remove from album without confirmation.


Use this tab to adjust how you attach and send photos and videos:

File Types

Quickly modify which file types Picasa recognizes and displays.


Adjust settings such as 'Loop Slideshow' and 'Play music during slideshow.' Learn more about adding music to slideshows and how you can create a custom slideshow.


Use this tab to adjust the following print settings:


All network settings, including proxy and network log level, can be adjusted on this tab.

Web Albums

Use this tab to adjust your photo upload settings: