Gift CD or DVD

You can create a gift CD or DVD for any existing folders or albums in Picasa. To create a gift CD/DVD, please take the following steps:

  1. In the Picasa folder list, click on the folder or album you'd like to make into a gift CD/DVD.
  2. Click the Create menu, and select Gift CD.
  3. Click the Add More button to add other folders and albums. Select the checkboxes in the Folder List for the folders or albums you'd like to include.
  4. Adjust your gift CD settings: Choose your photo size, include an auto-slideshow, include a copy of the Picasa software.
    Order of photos on the CD/DVD: If you select 'Include Slideshow,' photos will be copied in the same order that you had the photos arranged in your folder or album. Otherwise, photos will be copied in the same order as they are stored on your hard drive, most likely alphabetical order according to filename.
  5. Name your gift CD/DVD.
  6. Insert a blank disk. The number of disks required to complete the job is listed in the blue bar above the 'Create a Gift' CD options.
  7. Click the Burn Disc button.

Once you click the Burn Disc button, it's not possible to add more photos to the same CD or DVD. If you need to add additional photos, please use a new disc.

A few notes about making a gift CD or DVD with Picasa:

Compatibility: Gift CDs or DVDs authored on a Mac will work on a Windows computer. However, Gift CDs or DVDs created in Windows will not function on a Mac.

Viewing Videos: Videos burned onto CDs/DVDs in Picasa are only viewable in compatible media players like Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

DVD Players: While Gift DVDs created in Picasa are viewable on PCs, you’ll need separate authoring software to create DVDs capable of being viewed in most DVD players.

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