Set up a Google Photos screensaver

The Google Photos screensaver available in Google Pack is no longer supported. The same screensaver - with minor variations - is included for download with Picasa for Windows. You can find it at

The Google Photos screensaver, available only on Windows, displays photos using various visual effects while your computer is inactive. You have complete control over which photos are displayed. To turn on and set up the Google Photos screensaver, follow these steps:

  1. In Picasa, click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Configure Screensaver.
  3. On the Screensaver tab, click the Settings button to configure both photo sources and display options:

    Photo Sources

    • Picasa Starred Photos: Display all photos that you've marked with a star in Picasa
    • Specific folders on your computer: Enable all folders or pick out a special few.
    • Your Picasa Web Albums: Use your own albums or use the public photos of your Favorites.
    • Photo feeds from public sites: Add and manage public photo feeds to your screensaver.

    Display Options

    • Photo transition style: Choose from several styles like dissolve, wipe, or pan and zoom.
    • Photo duration: Adjust the slider between zero and 24 seconds.
    • Photo captions: Have your photo captions included on your screensaver.
  4. To activate the Google Photos screensaver, select checkboxes for the photo sources you'd like to display.
  5. Click the Configure button to get more detailed information on each source.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.

Keep in mind, the screensaver may also display when your computer is locked. You can also activate the Google Photos screensaver by adding photos directly to the default Screensaver album in Picasa. Learn more about adding photos to the screensaver.

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