Create a movie

Combine your photos, videos, and music into a movie, and convert it to a .wmv (Windows) or .mov (Mac) file. You can also share it with friends by uploading it to YouTube.

  1. Select the photos and videos you'd like to include in your movie.
  2. Click the Movie button in the Photo Tray to go to the 'Movie Maker' screen. You can also create a movie for all photos in any folder or album by clicking the Create Movie Presentation button movie maker in the folder or album header.
  3. Use the Movie, Slide, and Clips tabs to alter movie settings, add text to slides, or insert new photos respectively.
    • You can remove slides from your filmstrip by clicking the X button, located below the Play button in the lower-left corner of the 'Movie Maker' screen.
    • Change the order of the photos in your movie by dragging and dropping photos in the filmstrip at the bottom of the screen.
    Learn more about the Movie Tab

    Use this tab to adjust the audio, appearance, and flow of your movie:

    • Audio track: You can load one supported audio file for use with each movie. Choose from three different options to sync your photos to music.
    • Transition style: Determine how to go from one picture to the next during the movie, e.g. wipe from left, dissolve, pan and zoom.
    • Slide Duration: Use the slider to adjust the amount of time spent on each slide.
    • Overlap: Adjust the amount of overlap during the transition from slide to slide.
    • Dimensions: Control the resolution of your movie. When choosing a dimension for your movie, it's useful to consider the format in which your movie will be viewed.
    • Show captions: Choose whether or not your photo captions should appear in your movie.
    • Full frame photo crop: Crop all movie images so that they completely fill the space on the slide.
    Learn more about the Slide tab

    Use this tab to add text to the slides in your movie. You can add text on top of any image or create a text-only slide to serve as a cover slide or a divider in your movie.

    1. Click the Slide tab on the 'Movie Maker' screen.
    2. Add text in the text box. The preview of your slide or photo will automatically update.
    3. Adjust the font, size, style, and color of your text and background. Change the style and location of your text using the 'Template' drop-down menu.

    By default, each movie has a cover slide that displays the title and date of your album. To create a new text-only slide, click the Add a new text slide button located below the Play button on the 'Movie Maker' screen.

    Learn more about the Clips tab

    Use this tab to add or remove photos, and to retrieve additional photos from your Library for use in your movie.

    1. Click the Clips tab on the left side of the 'Movie Maker' screen.
    2. Click the Get More button to find additional photos in your Library.
    3. Select your desired photos from your Library.
    4. After you've finished, click Back to Movie Maker in the Photo Tray.

    You should now see your additional images displayed on the Clips tab. Use the + and X buttons to insert and remove photos.

  4. When you are satisfied with your movie, you have a few options:
    • Click the Play full screen button in the lower-right corner of the screen to see a full-screen preview.
    • Click the Create Movie button to begin the creation process.
    • Click the YouTube button to create the movie and automatically upload it to YouTube.

All completed movies in addition to drafts will be saved in the 'Movies' folder, located under My Pictures > Picasa (Windows) or Pictures > Picasa (Mac). In Picasa, your 'Movies' folder is located in the 'Projects' collection (flat-folder view) or in the Picasa folder (tree view).

If you're not finished creating a movie, click the Close button and you'll be prompted to save a draft of your work in the 'Movies' folder. You can re-edit a draft or a finished movie at any time. In the 'Movies' folder, double-click your selected movie, then click the Edit Movie button to access the movie creation tools.

Depending on the number of images and size of your audio file, the movie creation process can take a significant amount of time.

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