Creating a Face Movie

Face Movie analyzes the faces in your selected photos to find the smoothest transitions across facial expressions and poses. Unlike a movie presentation, Face Movie overlays the most similar facial expressions in each photo on top of each other to create the smoothest transitions. To create a Face Movie, follow these steps:

  1. Select multiple photos or an entire People album.
  2. Click Create Face Movie Face movie
  3. You can select different transitions from the 'Transition Style' drop-down menu, choose the slide duration, or even the amount of overlap across photos.
  4. Click Create Movie.

Your drafts and finished masterpieces will be saved in your 'Movies' folder, located in your 'My Pictures' folder on Windows or your 'Pictures' folder on a Mac. In Picasa, your 'Movies' folder is located in your 'Projects' collection or your 'Picasa' folder.

Tip: Unlike face movies, you can also create movie presentations that display photos in chronological order.

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