Using an alternate drive

Picasa offers several ways for you to back up your photos, edits, and album organizations. You can back up photos to CD/DVD, to a different drive (see steps below), or upload photos at full resolution to Picasa Web Albums where you have one GB of free storage.

For larger collections, an alternate drive may be the most convenient option. Using an alternate drive with Picasa's backup feature is also a great way to migrate your photos to a new computer. Please follow these steps to back up your photos to an alternate drive

  1. Connect the alternative drive to your computer.
  2. In Picasa, click Tools > Backup Pictures.
  3. Create a new backup set or use one you've already created. A backup set records the type of backup (CD/DVD vs. alternative drive) and also keeps a record of which files have been backed up.
    • New Set: Click the New Set button to create a new backup set of your folders and albums. If this is your first time backing up through Picasa, choose this option. Make sure to specify the following details:
      • Enter a name for your backup set.
      • In the 'Backup Type' section, select 'Disk-to-disk backup.' Click the Choose button, locate your drive, and click OK.
      • Specify the types of files to include in the backup.
      • Click the Create button.
    • Existing Set: Select your previously made backup set from the 'Backup Set' drop-down box. This allow you to update those sets with any changes that you've made since the last backup. Click the Edit Set button to change the set name or the types of files to back up.
  4. Select the checkboxes in the Folder List next to the folders and albums you'd like to back up. Only selected folders and albums will be included in the backup. To select all folders and albums, click the Select All button.
  5. Click the Backup button to initiate the process.

To add backup photos to a new computer, simply connect the alternate drive and run the restore function which is saved on the drive along with your photos. You can choose to have the photos copied back to their original locations or you can select a new location. After running the restoration process, download Picasa and reinstall the program.

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