Picasa Web Albums Ad Policies

Ad Placement

Picasa Web Albums offers advertising on the following placements:

  • My Photos page square pop-up unit (250x250)
  • Explore page medium rectangle unit (300x250)
  • Single-photo pages, sponsorship

Technical specifications and creatives

Except where indicated in this policy, all creatives related to a third-party tag must comply with Google's image ad policies.

General Specifications

  • Ad dimensions
    • My Photos page: 250x250 pixels
    • Explore page: 300x250 pixels
  • Maximum host-initiated (click-to-play) animation/video: 30 seconds
  • Audio: user-initiated (click-to-play) audio only
  • Border: All creatives must have a border that's a different color than the majority background color of the creative.
  • Click tracking: Creatives must support Google's click tracking. Where supported, all click events must be passed to Picasa Web Albums.
  • Tracking elements:
    • Can be third-party served.
    • Third-party click tracking is accepted.
    • Third-party tracking pixels are not accepted.

Standard Banners

  • Formats accepted: GIF/JPG/PNG or SWF with backup GIF/JPG
  • Flash versions accepted: 5/6/7/8/9
  • Maximum Flash frame rate: 20 FPS
  • Maximum file size (JPG/GIF): 50 KB
  • Maximum file size (SWF): 50 KB
  • Approved third-party vendors: Please see list of approved ad servers under the "Third-party ad serving" section below.
  • Reporting metrics:
    • Ad impressions
    • Clicks and click-through rate

Rich Media Banners

  • Maximum initial load file size: 50 KB
  • Maximum additional "polite" load file size (SWF): 1.2 MB
  • Approved third-party vendors: Please see list of approved rich media vendors under the "Third-party ad serving" section below.

3rd-Party Ad Serving

General third-party ad serving requirements:

  • Both standard banner ads and rich media ads may only be 3rd-party served by approved vendors. Please see list of "Supported third-party vendors" below.
  • No fourth-party calls are permitted, except tracking elements associated with certified third-party servers or research vendors expressly authorized by Picasa Web Albums.
  • All third-party served ads must follow Google's requirements for third-party ad serving (section "Third-party ad serving").

Supported third-party vendors

The following third parties are supported:

North America: Ad servers

Europe: Ad servers

North America: Rich media

Europe: Rich media

All vendors must complete a certification process. At its sole discretion, Google reserves the right to change this vendor list at any time.

Research studies

Picasa Web Albums does not allow any marketing research studies involving panels or on-site survey recruitment at this time. Only 1x1 pixels are allowed to be used for general exposure tracking. Exposure tracking does not include tracking for research panelists.

Creative Submission

Materials needed:

  • advertiser and agency
  • IO number
  • campaign name
  • detailed trafficking instructions
  • Turnaround time: Assets for these units should be received by Picasa Web Albums no later than FOUR business days prior to campaign start date and sent to both Account Coordinator and Media Coordinator.
  • Additional details: All fees from rich media vendors must be paid by advertiser or agency. Picasa Web Albums does not cover rich media fees.