Import photos from device

To add photos and videos to Picasa from a camera, CD/DVD, or memory card:

  1. Connect the device (camera, memory card, CD/DVD, scanner, etc.) to your computer.
  2. In Picasa, click the Import button.
  3. 'Import from': Select the source of your new photos (e.g. your camera). Your photos will show up divided into groups based on the time in which they were taken.
  4. 'Import to': Decide where you'd like to save the photos on your computer. If you choose 'date taken' as the folder title, your photos will be saved in separate folders by date.
  5. If you're importing from a camera or memory card, you'll have the following options in the 'After copying' section:
    • Leave card alone: Nothing is deleted from your camera and memory card.
    • Delete only copied photos: Only pictures that are imported will be deleted.
    • Delete everything on card: All pictures that are found on your camera or memory card will be deleted.
  6. Select the specific photos you'd like to import. There are several ways to select multiple photos:
    • Rubber band select: Just click and drag your mouse over multiple photos to select them.
    • Hold the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) as you select multiple photos.
    • Click the clock icon Picasa select photos by timeto select all photos taken during a specific time period.
  7. Click Import Selected or click Import All to import all the photos displayed.

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