Picasa Web Albums

Discover more features

As you become a power user, here are a slew of other features for you to explore:

  • Add captions: Click Edit > Captions to add captions to all photos in an album from the same screen.
  • Add tags: Tags are like keywords. By labeling your photos, you can quickly search and locate them on Picasa Web Albums.
  • Map your photos: When you upload photos, geographical information in the photo's EXIF data is used to map your photos. You can also drag-and-drop them on the map in Picasa Web Albums.
  • Embed photos on other sites: Include a Picasa Web Albums slideshow, album, or image on your blog or website. Just copy a small snippet of HTML and paste it in the source code of your site.
  • Sync your changes: When you enable Sync to Web in Picasa for a folder or album, edits made to your photos in Picasa are reflected immediately in the corresponding album in Picasa Web Albums.
  • Try Creative Commons: Creative Commons is a licensing feature that allows you to specify whether others can reproduce or share your work.
  • See photos from Blogger: Any photos uploaded to your accounts with these Google products are automatically added to your Picasa Web Albums account as well.
  • Check out the Explore page: The Explore page is an entire page devoted to interesting public photos from all over the world. See 'Feature Photos' that have been hand-picked by our team. Or check out 'Recent Photos' to watch a stream of newly uploaded photos.
  • Buy more Google storage: Don't let storage space hamper the number of photos you upload to Picasa Web Albums.

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