Picasa Web Albums

Share your albums

Click the Share button to post photos to your Google+ stream or to send an email to a friend, inviting them to look through your Picasa Web album. Learn more about sharing in Picasa Web Albums.


Change your album visibility

Set your album visibility as public or as private as you'd like.

  • Public icon Public
    Anyone on the web can view public albums. Public albums can be found on your public gallery, in web search results, on your Google profile, and in Google+.
  • Limited anyone with the link icon Limited, anyone with the link
    These albums are visible to anyone with the link. They're technically visible to anyone, but they include a unique authorization key in the web address; the key is a combination of letters and numbers that make the address difficult to guess.
  • Limited icon Limited
    Limited albums are visible only to the people you specify, and those people must sign in to their Google Account to view your photos. Users without a Google Account will be prompted to create one. Google+ users: The people you share with have permission to reshare your album. Within Google+, they'll also be able to see who else you've shared with.
  • Only you icon Only you
    The highest level of privacy, these albums are visible only to you. Changing an album to 'Only you' will wipe everyone off the album's 'Shared with' list.
Get feedback!

So you've shared your vacation photos with your friends and family...now what? How many people view them? Which ones did they like? Here are a few ways get feedback:

  • A view count shows up at the bottom-right corner when you're viewing your photo or video to let you see how many people viewed that photo or video.
  • See how many people clicked the Like link below a photo or video.
  • The old stand-by -- comments allow your visitors to tell you what they really think.

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