Picasa 3.9

Upload name tags to the web

When you upload a photo, the name tags you've added to that photo are uploaded as well.

If you've signed up for Google+

Your photos will be uploaded to both Picasa Web Albums and Google+. For name tags, you have a choice: you can either share your tags in Google+ or upload them to Picasa Web Albums (visible only to you).

Share on Google+

When you click the Share in Google+ button in Picasa, the names of the people you've tagged (including those in existing tags) will show up in the share box.

If you want to share with the people tagged, leave them in the share box. Here's how it works:

  • They'll receive an email inviting them to view and approve the tag.
  • Once approved, name tags will be linked to the profiles of the people you’ve tagged.
  • They'll be able to see the tagged photos as well as the related album when they visit your profile.
  • They'll see your photos in their Google+ stream.
  • They'll be able to reshare your album, and see who else you've shared with. If you'd like to disable the ability for others to reshare your album, you can lock the album in Google+.
  • If the people you've tagged aren't signed up for Google+, they'll still receive an email notification inviting them to view and approve the tag. Their name tag will be visible to anyone who can see the photo, but won’t be linked to a profile.

Note:You must use Picasa 3.9 or later to upload to Google+

Upload to Picasa Web Albums

To upload name tags visible only to you in Picasa Web Albums, remove the person from the sharebox by clicking the 'x' next to their name.

Tags for that person will still be uploaded, but they'll only be visible to you on Picasa Web Albums. The tagged person isn't notified or shared with.

If you haven't signed up for Google+

The tags you upload are visible only in Picasa Web Albums. The tagged person isn't notified or shared with.

Learn how to turn off name tag uploads from Picasa completely.

You control whether name tags are uploaded with your photos from Picasa to Picasa Web Albums or Google+. Here's how:

  1. In Picasa, click Tools > Options (PC) or Picasa > Preferences (Mac).
  2. Select the Web Albums or Google+ Photos tab.
  3. In the 'Name tags' section, toggle the box next to 'Include with photo uploads.'
  4. Click OK.
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