Google+ and Picasa Web Albums: Resharing albums

The people that view your photos will occasionally want to loop in someone else. Once you join Google+, by default all albums can be reshared by people that have access to the album -- those people on the album's 'Shared with' list in Picasa Web Albums. Here's how:

  • Name tags: People that you've added to your Google+ circles can add tags to your photos (if they have access). When someone is tagged in a photo, the album will be shared with them. Learn more
  • Comments: When someone is mentioned using the '+' or '@' signs in a comment, the post and the album will be shared with them. Learn more

If you'd like to limit your album to just the people you've shared with, you can lock the album in Google+ to disable reshare.

The people that are shared with are also added to the album's 'Shared with' list, meaning they can share your album as well. You can remove access for anyone at any time.

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