Import troubleshooting on WIndows

If you're having issues with Picasa, Windows, your digital camera software or something else that is preventing importing, try the steps below to resolve your issue.

Check if Windows recognizes your importing hardware

  1. Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.
  2. Check if your hardware is listed. If it's not listed in the 'My Computer' window, then Windows has not recognized the hardware.

Uninstall and reinstall Picasa

If Windows recognizes your importing hardware, but you still can't import your photos in Picasa, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall Picasa, and then restart your computer. This gives the driver an opportunity to re-integrate with your system. Uninstalling and reinstalling Picasa can remedy many Picasa issues.

Get Windows to recognize your hardware

Plug your hardware into a different USB port, preferably one that's built directly into the computer (not in a hub, printer, etc.). If your hardware still isn't recognized, please move on to the next step.

Update your hardware drivers

Visit the hardware manufacturer's website to download and install any driver updates. If driver updates aren't available, reinstall your existing drivers. Reinstalling drivers commonly fixes this issue.

Uninstall the software that came with your hardware

Windows will commonly detect your camera or hardware on its own. The manufacturer's software may be getting in the way.

Check your memory card

Try importing photos from a different media card. If you can successfully import to Picasa using another card, your original card may be corrupted.

If there's a problem with the card, you'll need to reformat it. First, if possible, import your files from the card using Windows or the manufacturer's software. Reformat the card using your camera's option interface. Once it's reformatted, the card should function normally again.

Visit the help forum

If these steps didn't fix the importing issues, please visit our help forum for more support. You can post a question or find answers from Google guides and our most knowledgeable users.

Note: Although many of these troubleshooting steps may apply to Mac users, they're written for Windows. Mac users, please visit the Picasa for Mac Help Forum for troubleshooting assistance. There you'll find help from Google Guides and our most knowledgable users.

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