Exporting photos

Use the Export tool in Picasa to resize your photos or to otherwise create copies of your photos with all edits applied. When you export a photo in Picasa, you're creating a new copy of that photo with control over both the image resolution (the height and width of the image measured in pixels) and the image quality (JPEG compression). The original photo on your hard drive is never altered. Follow these steps to export copies of your photos:

  1. Select the photos that you'd like to export.
  2. Click the Export button in the Photo Tray.
  3. In the 'Export to Folder' window, select your export settings:
    • Choose an export location and enter a name for the exported folder.
    • Customise your exported image size and quality:
      • Image size options: You can choose between using the photo's original size or selecting a custom pixel size using the slider. The number of pixels that you select with this slider determines the length or height of your photo (whichever is longer). The other dimension is determined automatically to maintain the aspect ratio of the photo.
      • Image quality: Select the desired image quality for your photo using the Image Quality drop-down menu
        • Automatic: Preserves the original image quality
        • Normal: Balances quality and size
        • Maximum: Preserves fine detail for large file sizes
        • Minimum: Yields some quality loss for small file sizes
        • Custom: Enables you to select your own value
    • You can choose to add a watermark to all of your exported photos.
  4. Click OK.

Your exported images are now saved on your hard drive in the location that you specified. In Picasa, you can find these photos in the 'Exported Pictures' collection.

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