500 internal server error

If you're seeing a '500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR - Unable to process request' when trying to access Picasa Web Albums, it means that your online album is temporarily unavailable. Refreshing the page may help to resolve this. If not, these errors generally resolve themselves within a few minutes, so please wait a bit before trying to sign in again. If you continue to see this error over an extended period of time, please use the Picasa Help Forum to let us know so we can look into the issue. Please provide the following information:

  • What were you doing when you experienced the 500 error? For example, were you logging in, viewing albums, sharing, uploading, adding name tags?
  • When did you start experiencing the issue?
  • Are you signed in to your Google Account when the problem occurs?

Should this error be part of a wider-spread issue, we'll use the help forum to post regular updates.

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