From webpages and email

You can import photos to Picasa from the Internet by following these two steps:

  1. Download or save the photo to your computer. Click the links below to learn how to save images from webpages or email: Webpages
    1. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) the image you'd like to import.
    2. Select Save Image As.
    3. Name the file and select a folder location on your hard drive where you'd like to save the image.
    4. Click Save.

    To save photos received as attachments over email, please follow these steps:

    1. In your email program, select the message with an attached photo. Appended to the end of the message, you should find an attachment icon.
    2. Download the attachment. Depending on the email program, you may need to click the attachment icon or click a download link.
    3. Save this image to your hard drive.
  2. Make sure the Picasa Folder Manager is set to scan the folder in which the photo was saved.

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