Importing screen captures

This feature is not currently available on Picasa for Mac.

Picasa can automatically import the screen captures you take:

  1. Open Picasa. If Picasa isn't open, screen captures won't be imported.
  2. Press PrtScn on your keyboard to take a screen capture of the entire screen. Press the Ctrl and PrtScn keys at the same time to limit your screen capture to the selected window on your screen.

Imported screen captures automatically appear in Picasa in a folder entitled 'Screen Captures' in the 'Projects' section of your Folder List.

Although Picasa doesn't support PDF file types, you can use the screen capture tool to capture and import copies of PDF documents that are open on your computer. Adobe Reader provides built-in tools for resizing the image as needed before you take the screenshot. Once it's imported into Picasa, you can use the Crop tool to resize the PDF image.

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