Include music

The Movie Maker allows you to add supported audio files to accompany your movies created in Picasa. On the 'Movie Maker' screen, click the Movie tab on the left side. Click the Load button to select the music you'd like to include from your computer. After you've loaded the music for your movie, you have three options for how your photos line up with the music:

  • Truncate audio: Your selected music will be cut-off at the end of your movie.
  • Fit photos into audio: Your photos will be automatically timed so that they fit within your chosen audio track.

    You will not be able to adjust the 'Slide Duration' using this option; each of your photos will be displayed for the same amount of time.

  • Loop photos to match audio: Your photos will continue to display for the duration of your audio track. Unlike the 'Fit photos into audio' option, each photo will display for length of time you've specified in the 'Slide Duration' section. Photos will loop until the audio track ends.
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