Printing text and borders with photos

When printing photos, you can choose to include borders, filenames, captions, and EXIF information. On the 'Print' screen, click the Border and Text Options button to access your settings.


Adjust the border width, color, and placement of your pictures. To activate all the border options, adjust the slider to provide some border width.


You have several options for printing captions:

  • Choose to display the filename, caption, or EXIF information of the photo.
  • Choose to display the caption on or below the image, or on the border you've set.
  • Set the font, size, and color of the caption text.
  • If your caption is too long, you can choose to 'Wrap text.'

While you're editing the border and text settings, click Apply to preview how the font and format changes, and click OK to accept the changes.

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