Icons on your images

The following icons will be displayed on your photos in your Picasa Library to provide you at-a-glance updates about your images:

  • syncThe swirling circular arrows adorn the photos for which you've enabled the 'Sync to Web' feature.
  • starThe star denotes images that you've marked as favorites. Learn more.
  • geotagIdentifies the photos that you've geo-tagged in Picasa.
  • green arrow The upward green arrow indicates that you've uploaded a photo to Picasa Web Albums, but that 'Sync to Web' isn't enabled. This allows you to easily keep track of which photos you've placed in your online albums.
  • red arrow The red suppress arrow points down to indicate that you've manually blocked the photo from being uploaded. To manually suppress a photo from being uploaded, you can right-click the image in Picasa 3, and select Block from Uploading. When the red suppress arrow is present, the image won't be synced even if the 'Sync to Web' feature is enabled.
  • movieThis little film frame is placed on all of your videos. Learn more about creating movies in Picasa.
A few notes on the placement of these icons:
  • They're not actually applied to your photos. They're displayed only in your Picasa Library.
  • It's not possible to turn off these icons.

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