Picasa 3.9

Make Picasa changes sync to online web albums using "Sync to Web"

You can have changes you make to photos in Picasa automatically also change that same photo in your online web albums by turning on Sync to Web.

Turn on "Sync to Web"

There are three ways to turn on syncing:

  • The Sync to Web button on the right side of the folder or album header. The button will turn blue to indicate a that folder or album is being synced.
  • The pull-down menu PWA settings to the right of the Share button.
  • Batch Upload to update multiple online albums.

If you reach your storage limit, new photos you upload using sync to web that exceed the size limit will be automatically resized. Learn about storage.

Changes you can sync

  • Photo edits (basic fixes, tuning, and effects)
  • Adding or deleting photos
  • Adding captions, tags, or geotags
  • Adding name tags (visible only to you in Picasa Web Albums)
  • Making edits using other applications that are saved to your hard drive
  • Changing the order of your photos

Changes that won't sync

  • Changing a folder or album properties
  • Changing filenames

Changes you make will only sync from Picasa to your web albums. However, you can update captions, tags, and geo-tags from your web albums to Picasa using "Refresh Online Status."

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