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Iphone app crashing on shared photos We are having a problem with a shared album. Pictures posted by an Android user causes the google ph…
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Delete photo on device - does it delete the photo on other cloud services? I want to delete photos on my device to free up space. However, I currently have automatic upload an… iMovie Photos and Videos Hi, So I edit videos on my devices a lot, and when I want to rewatch them, or do edits, it won’t let…
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How to Resubscribe? My issue involves me noticing a problem that others have that needs to be addressed by Google. Regar…
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Casting pictures from the Google Photos app on my iPad Pro to Chromecast Ultra, screen goes black. Casting pictures from the Google Photos app on my iPad Pro to Chromecast Ultra, the screen goes blac…
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I have photos on my iphone that I want to transfer to my kindle fire for easy viewing.Can I do this? I just need to transfer approx. 10 photos from my Iphone to my kindle fire. I have google photos on …
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Unable to share google photos album For days I have been able to share a specific google photos album. When I try to share the album I g…
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How do I manually activate the feature to not only crop but adjust the angles of the corners? How do I manually activate the feature where I can not only crop the image but adjust the corners so… , I deleted all photos on phone yet still over the 15 gbs, I need help figuring out how to only 15gb I am having a lot of trouble I never had before. My photos started being uploaded to my second googl…
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I can't find the slideshow option in the overflow menu when trying to slideshow an album I found instructions for a slideshow, but when I select a photo in an album and go to the overflow m… Recently deleted photos not in trash I deleted about 50 photos last Friday (3 days ago) from Google Photos on my iphone. Whenever I do th…
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Is there a way to create a calendar from my Google Photos, instead of a book? I don't want to make a photo book, I want to make a calendar. Is there a way to do it? Albums missing from photo app Albums that show up in my web account are missing when I use the app
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I pressed free up space then it says delete 4663 i can press cancel or delete i press delete and nothing happens and the number keeps growing and my phone has run out of space as I can’t delete these photos I try to free up space, but it will not allow me to delete now over 4000 pictures
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Depth Effect Photos Not Backing Up to Google Photos I have continuously tried to back up the photos from my iPhone to the Google Photos App. When I open…
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Photos are 'all backed up' but when I try to delete it says 'Some of these items aren't backed up' Google Photos has always worked fine for me, but yesterday I went on to delete some photos (I have t…
0 Recommended Answers 15 Replies 44 Upvotes
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