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Unknown Photos from device I am going through a very nasty divorce and had immediately changed my google password, questions, a…
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Will deleting pics from device after backing to google photos delete from them from shared album? I have an iphone and have photos that i have in a shared album (with my boyfriend) i uploaded all th… Is there a way to create multiple photo libraries under a single google account? I am using google photos to backup my iPhone photos. I also have several large photo libraries in my… My Google photos has only 5 photos. But it is showing only 5 available out of 15GB free space. Help! My Google photos has exactly 5 photos. But it is showing only 5GB available out of 15GB free space. …
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Undetails my text messger just the ones from james williams an sant to james os Looking for my Phoenix 4 info edd my number
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Sharing issue- less photos are getting shared while sharing face albums which are actually detected I have posted all my wedding photos on google photos app & it has detected all the faces properly. B…
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Saying back up complete but lots of pics and videos are not backed up My google photos was saying the other day that there were 4,500 ish pics backing up...it hadn’t been…
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Lost device I lost my Android device and changed a iPhone. But all my pictures are not in album. I lost my phone 6 months ago it was android and bought a new iPhone. After I login on the google alb…
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My iPhone 11 - No "Edit Option" to use the Markup function My iPhone 11 does not show the "Edit Option" with 9 dots in a square for me to use the Markup functi… I recently installed Google Photos. It has backed up all photos/videos except 195. I have backed up all photos/videos except the last 195. For some reason those continually say they n…
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I just discovered a charge to my bank account "GOOGLE *GOOGLE PHOTOS G.CO/HELPPAY#CA". What is this Dispute an unauthorized charge Photo backup I cannot get my photos and videos to backup. I have tried all of the suggestions.
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How do I enable a badge notification for uploads to a google photos shared folder. Can someone tell me how to turn on badge notifications for uploaded to shared google photos folders?…
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Recovered hacked account and photos are gone My google account was hacked recently and I was able to recover it but sadly all of the photos in my…
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Videos won’t play I can’t play most of my backed up videos on the app, it says that there’s an error. I tried to sing …
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