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Where did the option "edit in snapseed" go? Before update there was an option "edit in snapseed" in Google Photos. Now I can't find it.
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Google Photos (Why did Google Photos upload a picture from the camera storage when synced?) Another user has a problem with Google Photos a few months ago a photo they didn't want to upload to…
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Can't find the restore pics in phone Restored the deleted pics but could not find it anywhere in the phone.
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Missing albums I have created several albums that went missing a few days ago. Some of the albums that are still th… I just discovered a charge to my bank account "GOOGLE *GOOGLE PHOTOS G.CO/HELPPAY#CA". What is this Dispute an unauthorized charge Can't save photos to device? I usually import videos from my computer to the google photos website, and then access them through …
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I can’t save a video to my camera roll. I am unable to download one of my videos from Google Photos to my IPhone 6s. I have tried to downloa…
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I’m not getting push notifications for shared albums on my iPhone anymore how do I turn them back on I used to get push notifications on my iPhone from google photos when someone would add a photo or v…
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Why isn't there a print option on Google photos? And please don't tell me that people don't print print a photo from Google photos
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I accidentally saved an image to my saved, favorite images Google search. I need to remove this image as it is very offensive and im affraid my wife or my grandkids may stumble upon it. Its an image from pornhub.com and ive tried Everything to get it off. I want to delete some saved favorite images from my Google search. An error occurred. Please try again later. I'm trying to watch certain videos in an album that I belong to, but keep getting an error occurred …
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Photos are gone My wife and I just returned from a trip to Chicago with friends on Monday. I'm guessing at the numbe… Google photos app keeps stopping I've recently moved from iPhone 7+ to a Samsung S8 and had backed up all my photos onto Google Photo… The Google photo app won't open It keeps stopping won't open Out of storage space and will soon be unable to send or receive emails until you free up space I received the message "You’re out of storage space and will soon be unable to send or receive email… Unable to save changes I was editing a photo, and then it said that it couldn't save its changes. How I restore permanently deleted photos and videos from the Google Drive, I want to restore permanently deleted photos and videos from the Google Drive My phone stopped backing up my pics to google photos. About 10 months ago my photos on my phone stopped backing up on Google photos. All the toggle switch… How do I give Google Photos access to my SD card I am trying to delete photos from my phone, it says Google Photos does not have access to SD card an…
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Viewing a photo from Android Gallery is applying Auto Dark Filter without Permission My Razer Phone 2 updated yesterday and now I am having a particular issue. I DID NOT enable dark mod…
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