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It is a very common issue that Google Photos does not sync properly to a PC
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Just a question:
As soon as Backup & Sync is installed and set-up, its uploads to Google Photos are no longer synced to the Google Photos folder on Drive (if that option was switched-on since years), but to a new tab on Drive named "Computer". 
And the folders which are created in that tab really sync with the corresponding folders on your PC - so that is quite different from the behavior of the Google Photos folder which contents can be synced-down to your PC by the second function of the B&S app. Just because that Google Photos folder still gets filled with pictures from your smartphone if synced to Google Photos. 

So the presence of the Google Photos folder may prevent that old pictures are re-uploaded again, but as far as I could test, it has no influence on newer pictures added after starting B&S. 

Too complex stuff indeed, but that is caused by history. 

PS: there is two-way syncing between Google Photos and Google Drive for deletions of individual pictures only - not for any editing.
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Any way to do this now that google has killed syncing photos with drive?  It's nuts that I need to download zip files and decompress everytime I need access to my photos.
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The situation on Drive will not change now anymore, so you can switch-off the syncing in the Drive-section of the Backup & Sync app. But on phone you can go on with Photos. 

But if you are on modern Windows, you can install the OneDrive-app on your phone and switch-on its camera-upload function. Then you can find all (new) pics in the OneDrive-section in the Windows filemanagere and from there you should drag them into your backupfolder to prevent that they get cluttered in the OneDrive cloud because that only has 5 GB for free. 
Then you have original quality on pc and not the very dangerous Google setup anymore. 
Good luck. 

PS: it you still have many GB's stored on phone, you should use the free-up space option in the Google app to clean-up completely before starting the OD app. If not on Windows, you can do the same with Dropbox.
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1. i have uploaded all photos from computer 1
2. years later changed computer
3. i have erased photos from computer 1, then they were erased from google drive ( they were synced)
now when i try to uplead them from computer 2), they dont upload , beacouse B&S says they are already uploaded !!!
so , now i have the photos on google photos ok, but dont have the folders backed on drive, as before...

how can i fix this ??
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