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I have a first generation Google pixel. The upload setting in google photos is frozen at original quality and size as it is google pixel. But when I download the photos from google photos on desktop they are 1/4th the size of the original photo on the phone. This has been happening for months and I only discovered it today. I updated google photos to the latest version but the problem persists.

I then turned off the "backup and sync" option which automatically syncs photos taken on the Pixel and tried backing up from an individual photo using the backup option in the side menu. This time the photo is stored at original quality and am able to download it from google photos at the original size. 
When I turn on "backup and sync" again, the size of uploaded photos is again much lesser then the original size. So the upload seems to be cutting the size only when auto backup and sync is on.

Does anyone have any ideas. Appreciate the help!

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Can you confirm that if you take the following steps,
1. Take a photo with the Pixel 1
2. Note the size of the photo
3. Enable Backup & sync checking that the upload size is set to original
A screenshot of the message under the Backup & sync relating to Original uploads would help.
4. Download the photo from the website
5. Compare the photo size after download
Or if you do something else, please advise
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Yes. Those are the steps I followed to check and compare the size of the photo on phone and website. I have attached a screenshot of the backup and sync screen where it says that photos will be uploaded at original quality 
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The only thing I can recommend is to go to https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity?pli=1 and Remove access from all Android devices including the Pixel - you will be prompted to renew access next time you use the Pixel which must be the primary device registered for your gmail account.

Repeat the steps above to check if uploads are now at Original size
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Thanks for the suggestions. I followed the steps given above but the problem persists. If back and sync is enabled, the photos are not stored at original quality.
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Unfortunately we have run out of ideas, Google Photos does not provide 1:1 user support, the Community is made up of volunteers who try to help using our experience.  This sounds like an account issue and I suggest you try Pixel Support
If they refer you back to Google Photos we don't have access to support, perhaps they should be able to escalate to Google Photos internally on your behalf. They work for the same company and the storage is based on Drive quota which is common to Google Drive and Google Photos.
If you do get an answer we would be very grateful if you shared it so we can help other Pixel users.
Good luck,
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Thanks for the help. I did try the customer care phone number and they didn't seem to have an answer as of now. I will try again. 
Given that it is a pixel 1, the storage quota may not be in the picture as there is no time limit for storage at original quality and storage of pixel photos does not count against the drive storage limit. (And pictures from the phone are still being stored at original quality on the website when I backup pictures using the individual photo menu and not through "backup and sync" setting) Given that this issue has 8 me too's I will surely post back here as soon as I get a solution.

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Some followup: After some reading I tried disabling the google photos and then updating the app from the play store. On installation, there was a warning from the google photos app in the notifications bar. Its shown in the screenshot below. My account is within the prescribed limit for google drive storage but google photos seems to have a feature in backup and sync to check on the drive space and switch to high quality storage if account space is low. But it fails to check that the phone is google pixel and photos taken from the phone should be uploaded at original quality storage regardless of general account storage. Videos are still being uploaded at original quality though. So it seems like a bug?. I have disabled back up and sync and uploading photos manually which is working as of now, but it is cumbersome. I also have to re-upload the last year's of photos that have been uploaded at high quality instead of original quality. Hopefully the google photos team can use this post to check on this problem.
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