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Duplicates photos displaying (with VERY different dates); The SAME file - updating 1 affects both! 0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 6 Upvotes
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Recently - I will enter a date for a (old / scanned) photo and then see the photo show up with a date far in the future, or far in the past.  After some investigation, I found out part of what is happening.  In these cases, there are TWO versions of the exact same photo / file (either being created - or already created by Google).  I’m not talking about two duplicate photos, or two similar photos with the same filename - I’m talking about the EXACT SAME photo as recognized by the Google DB.  As proof: 
a) If I select both photos and add them to an album called “Problems,” only ONE photo is added
b) Changes to one of the photos (description, etc) will immediately show up in both photos.

But somehow these photos have TWO dates - and Google appears to be keeping a consistent delta between them.  If I set one of the photos to ~Oct 1993, one will show up correctly in 1993, but another will show up in Mar 1962.  Then - trying to change the "wrong" one in 1962 to the correct 1993 date will result in (that one) now showing up correctly in 1993,  but now there will be a “future” one in 2025 (consistent delta between dates).

- when multiple photos show up like this, the date delta stays consistent, but the date delta can be different for each “pair” of photos (i.e. one "pair" has a consistent delta of 11,531 days, while another has a delta of 8.231 days)

- selecting BOTH photos and trying to set a single date / time doesn’t fix anything l. I always still end up with either a “far future copy” or a “far past copy”

- selecting the SINGLE copy of the photo in my “Problems” album (after adding both copies to the album) and changing the date there also does not fix it.  

- Deleting either of the photos results in deleting BOTH, so even if I was willing to go through thousands of photos and manually delete dups, I couldn't.

- Chrome Browser
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That sounds weird indeed. There are many issues with dates, but I never heard of this exact problem. I have no idea what happens, but it looks like a glitch in the database (like you already suggest): one single photo is shown twice in the library. It looks like instead of changing the date it added one, but that is just guessing. Note that Google Photos does NOT change the date IN the photo, it does only in its database. 

Right now I see only one solution: delete the photo (thus deleting both) and upload again. I realize that this may be problematic when you have thousands. How many are affected ? Are they in albums ? 

In order to try to find out more you could:
  • Be sure that you have a back up before you start experimenting. 
  • Delete one photo (=move to trash bin) and then restore. Does that solve the issue for that photo ? 
  • Download one (or both ?) photos and see what you get. Then delete from Google Photos and upload again. 
For old (scanned) photos I usually change the date before I upload (using Picasa3 but also Irfanview). There are other tools of course like ExifTool. That changes
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I have uploaded photos to my google photos app via my computer. It is registering the date of the photo as the upload date as opposed to when the photo was actually taken. Is there a fix to this as opposed to manually attempting to fix every singe date?
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I have almost the same problem as the original poster.
I uploaded a block of photos from my computer using the google 'app' to sync a directory on the computer.
Some, but not all of these photos appear twice with dates shifted by 13 days.
If I update the date of the 'wrong' one, it also updates the date of the other - (it took me a while to notice as I thought it was just adding twice the specified adjustment I had given it and kept flip-flopping the dates back and forth)
If I delete the picture - it deletes both (in that the 'other' remains on the 'photos' page, but if I select it it will show me the picture but has the caption "image not found")
If I then restore from the bin, both versions come back.
If I adjust the image (colour, saturation etc) both versions get adjusted.
It really is one image - 2 dates and everything I do it to affects both.
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