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Can someone please describe to me IN DETAIL exactly what metadata gets uploaded to Google Photos (from an Apple Photos Library) if in Backup and Sync (running on a Mac) the option is checked to Include Apple Photos Library Metadata? And what would the difference be in how Google Photos appears when viewing Google Photos via a web browser or via an iPhone app? Would there be a thumbnail file next to every photo, ruining the experience? If the option is unchecked, do the titles not get uploaded to Google Photos? What about the GPS coordinates? Does the metadata get embedded in the photos and videos, or does it get placed in separate files that just get in the way of browsing the photos when using Google Photos in the cloud? If the metadata gets uploaded as separate files, are they stored on the Google Photos side or the Google Drive side?

Screenshots anyone?

PS. Google, you really need to document your products. I don’t have a month to spare to figure this out by trial and error, by uploading my 500GB Library of photos and videos with metadata only to discover it makes the media difficult to browse due to extraneous thumbnail files intermixed with the media files. Tell us up front the consequences of having this box checked vs unchecked. Tell us WHY we might want this option checked or unchecked. We don’t know! Please!
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You will get an enormous amount of garbage next to your pictures and much more in Google Drive. 
So don't include the metadata. 
But normal metadata which is included in the picturefiles themselves (like gps) is seen on Google Photos in the sidepanel of pictures like shown: just upload a single picture straight into https://photos.google.com to see what you get. 

Peter is our specialist on B&S here and he can tell you more about. 
Also your 500 GB is problematic. 

PS: Google always has been a bad teacher, so it is good that you ask before starting - many start asking if the drama's already has happened. But it is hard to get them improved.
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I am no Mac-user either, but I remembered me the drama's with the first Mac-versions of BUS just because there was no option to exclude non-basic metadata. In fact this was a very basic design mistake because there were no problems in the foregoing Backup-app. 

Thanks for picking-up any further discussion with Chris. 
Bye / Rinus
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Thanks all for taking a crack at this. I have decided to do a test with a dummy Apple Photos library. I am a bit concerned what it will do, and can't leave anything to chance. Will let you know what turns up.
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As far as can I remember from the last days of the old Picasa-forum, the very last Mac-version of Picasa 3.9 (something like does not work on modern Macs anymore. 
Besides: its connection to Google was broken in 2018 and I am not aware of any comparable software around (not even for Windows) that is capable to replace its comfortable design. 

PS: if you already have a marvellous collection of albums on Google Photos, it is not even wise to start with Backup & Sync because it is quite easy and fast to create the next album by uploading your neatly edited pictures straight into photos.google.com But it is our smartphone that causes the random garbage there.
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