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Last edited 4/12/19
It is unfortunate that my first post is about my disappeared pictures on Google Pixel 3 XL. Tonight was my mother in law's 60th birthday and I took a bunch of pictures with the phone, everyone saw the pictures and went through them but after the dinner I decided to share the pictures and there was none. I was in a state of shock and tried everything but it seems they never existed, so, I did some research and realized that there were some reported issues regarding disappearing pictures or better to say pictures not saved by the camera app as far as October last year. I contacted Google but they insisted that they have resolved the issue with an update. However it seems to me the issue still exists. And this morning i realized I only have my first picture taken with my phone on my device and all other pictures are gone as well. 
If this is bug it is serious bug which Google needs to address ASAP
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This happened to me too, on 1st Feb I lost all 600+ family photos I had taken with no backup! 
All I did was unlock the phone and the photos started disappearing... I called Google and they rufused to help saying nothing has been reported and pretty much tough luck you had no backup.
I argued there is a software glitch and that Google should look into this but no go. 
Im just really devastated I lost all my photos, yes I understand I didn't have a backup of my photos but this should not have happened. I've owned many smartphones from all different companies and this is a first I've ever experienced. 
Very disappointed.
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This happened to me. I went to my first ever Europe trip and all the pictures taken there are disappeared 😭😭😭😭😭
As i did some of my research i could see them hidden in one of the path shown in the attached screenshot.
Please please anyone if can help me get these pictures restored back, PLEASE HELP.

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I just had this happen to me as well on my new Pixel 3.  I took 2 photos of my kids last night.  They saved.  I texted one to my dad.  Today both pictures are gone from my phone, like I never even took them.  I was able to retrieve one of the pictures from the text I sent but the other appears to be gone, even from Google Photos!
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All my photos from my camera folder just vanished overnight, unable to figure out what the hell happened. Did all the dadada troubleshooting! Photos just vanished.
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All photos vanished from European holiday this week, wat the hell !!!!
Last edited 4/18/19
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Just tried to back up my Google photos from my trip to Europe and they were unable to back up. Then went back on to the photos app and they were all gone . I'm furious. Restarted my phone and pics from as far back as October have disappeared. This is ridiculous. What is going on Google ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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I have lost some recent photos. I take a ton of photos- family, travelling and for work. What else is missing from older dates that I don't even realize? Very concerned about this. Great camera but what's the point of having great pictures if they randomly disappear!! Considering going back to a different phone.
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I have one folder on my Pixel 3 that I've had to recreate 3 times now. The photos are still in my photos, but after a day or so when I go to look for the folder it's gone. Does anyone know why the folders keep disappearing?
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I've just had all my photo's bar one disappear from my Pixel 3, along with all of my screenshots, videos etc. and the folders they're stored in (apart from camera folder). 

I'm running Android Q Beta.

When I plug the phone into my PC and browse the file folders I can clearly see thumbnails of most of the images but none can be opened, some of the image thumbnails appear to have disappeared totally though and there's just a hard drive looking icon in their place that does nothing when clicked.

Rather annoying, didn't have anything backed up either, I have never had an issue like this and never broken a phone to the point my files are irretrievable so didn't see the point, lesson learnt lol.
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