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Why are my videos uploading in low quality despite selecting them to upload in original quality? 1 Recommended Answer 48 Replies 361 Upvotes
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I saved 2 videos from my phone to a shared google album. On the original device, they are playing in original quality. On all other devices, including my desktop, one is playing in original quality and one is playing in 360p despite all settings being on "original." The suggestions I've found in previous posts are not working. Thank you!
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How long should we be expected to wait for the high resolution versions to be available?  I recorded a 3 minute 4K video yesterday, and it is only showing as available at 360p.  It was uploaded yesterday.  My settings are to upload original quality photos and videos.  This concerns me greatly as I rely on Google Photos to backup my life events, and discovering something like this causes me pause for concern if I have made the right choice with this app.
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Since 4K video files are significantly larger than 1080p files, and you've uploaded that file at original quality, the amount of time it might take for Google's video processing to complete could be quite a while. The settings of the camera will also have an impact on processing time. Settings like frames per second (FPS), bitrate, etc. will all play a part. 

For example, 1080p footage recorded at 30 frames per second should come out to approximately 125-150mb file size. But, a 4K video that was also recorded at 30 FPS could be closer to 500mb. However, some cameras record at higher frame rates when in 4K mode (60 FPS), so those files would be about double the size. 

Regardless, the main thing is you've uploaded that file at original quality, meaning Google must process it exactly as it is without compression. Considering the size of the file and the various settings that must be retained, alongside the millions of uploads from other users, you're going to need to be patient for that to complete. Unfortunately, I can't give you an exact time for when you can expect it to be ready. Talking with others here, I've heard that lengthy 4K uploads can take days or even weeks to finish processing, again depending on all the variables. 

My suggestion is that you just remain patient and do not discard the original video file. You could also perform a series of experiments to get a better feel for processing times. Upload a 10-second 4K video, a 30-second one, and a 60-second one, then make a note of exactly how long it was between upload and completion of processing. If you do that test, I'd also really appreciate it if you could post back here with the dates & times you uploaded the files and the dates & times processing was finished. That would be very helpful insight for other users who upload in 4K original quality. 

~ Greg
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Sangrah singh
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