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Last edited 4/18/18
I've just found out that some of my photos and videos are disappearing from google.photos. They aren't anywhere else and I've done and tried everything possible to find them. Two videos had been on there since last October (6 months ago), and just yesterday I checked and they had gone.
I suspect that Google is censoring our photos and videos, and any they don't like they are deleting. I don't suppose they will ever come clean and admit it though. I trusted these people to look afer my photos and they've let me down. Three years work of taking photos, which is one of my main hobbies and now I find out that Google can't be trusted to look after them properly.
It could be time for me to part company with them and find another platform to store my photos on.
I just thought I'd warn all you people, your photos aren't safe on here.
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Hello Gerard,

Thanks for posting in the Google Photos Help Forum.

I understand and I'll be happy to help. It can be possible that the photos weren't uploaded successfully to Google Photos (cloud) and also make sure you're logged in to Google Photos with the same Google Account that you used during the backup. Photos/videos that are not synced or backed up, will still appear in Google Photos and will have this icon (which means not synced/backed up) or some photos/videos will also show up with the two arrows in a circle mean backup is in progress.

Once the upload is complete there will be no icon on any photos/videos. Often, many of us misinterpret that they are all backed up because the photos/videos show up in Google Photos and we over see the icons on each photo/video. If the photos/videos weren't backed up they cannot be deleted from the Google Photos library nor Trash.

In case, you are uploading a large amount of data (photos/videos), please know that it might take 24-48 hours for the photos and videos to sync across all devices. Please ensure to have 'Backup & sync' enabled on the Google Photos settings while you're backing up your photos and videos. To check is the content is backed up, login in to photos.google.com to checked for your backed up photos and videos.

However, if you're sure they were backed up, I recommend you looking for your video here:

If a photo/s is deleted from Google Photos, it would go to Trash/Bin for the next 60 days (after deletion). Unfortunately, if the photos aren't found in Trash or deleted from Trash, I'm afraid, you might not find them else where to recover them because Trash is the last resort to retrieve your lost/deleted photos.

Meanwhile, also try giving the below steps a try once again in a sequence to help resolve the issue:
Let me know how it goes.

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The photos and videos were successfully uploaded. They were showing in some cases for two or three months before they suddenly disappeared. There were no icons showing which indicated that they weren't uploaded properly. They were there for weeks and months before they just disappeared. I only have one account so I always log in using that account. They are not in trash or anywhere else I've searched all over for them.
photography is one of my main hobbies. These photos and videos meant a lot to me and I am really disappointed that google hasn't been able to look after my stuff properly. I would never recommend your product to anyone else to use and I would warn people that google can't be truested to look after their photos properly.
Can you please put all my stuff back? I am sure that you have master copies of everything I've uploaded. Please?
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The exact same thing has happened to me. It’s incredibly frustrating and unsatisfactory.
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- Google user
I have every sympathy with you Aisling. I found a chat help line on here and a guy told me Google Photos had a special tool which they could use to bring back deleted photos. He used it on my account and it DID bring a lot of my photos and videos back, but there are STILL many of my photos and videos missing. I don't suppose I'll ever see those photos again now. I wish I hadn't trusted Google and had gone somewhere else to store my photos. They have been a bitter disappointment to me. Photography is one of my main hobbies and they've lost such a lot of the work I've done over the last three years or so. You are right Aisling it is so very frustrating and unacceptable. It is also disgraceful that a Company/Corporation can do this to people. I am really disappointed in Google.
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- Google user
Well Google haven't been any significant help. My photos and videos have been disappearing from my google.photos account left right and centre. I've had some of them on there for two or three years and even those photos are now disappearing. Iasked Google to put them all back and they made a half hearted attempt, I got some of them back but not others, then they started disappearing again! One of their so-called helpers thought my account had been hacked!

So one way or another I've come to realise that my photos aren't safe on here. Either google are failing to protect me from hackers or they are just in general incompetent and not up to the job of looking after my photos and videos!

Either way I'm out of here. 

Goolge have failed to protect my photos and so I am going to take my photos off their forum and find another provider,  someone decent to look after them!

If I were you I wouldn't trust this lot with your photos and vidoes.
Last edited 4/29/18
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Hello, there are unacceptable photos on google. how can i contact google custommer care? please help me, thanks
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" there are unacceptable photos on google"
I guess that you mean "on Google search". 
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I have the same issue. I have a photo which I have uploaded to Google Maps (local guide) directly from Google Photos. So it was at one point in Google Photos. Now I try to find it and it's nowhere to be found. I tried to search by date, by location, by album. Nothing. But I have the proof in Google Maps.

I tried to search picassa, drive photos, photos trash. Nothing. Anyone got any idea?
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Hello, I have the same issue. My photos and videos were all backed up and were there just a few days ago and now a huge chunk of them is missing. I have tried the tips recommended here and nothing seems to work. And no I did not free up space or delete them, so they're not on the trash either.What else can I do? I'm very frustrated right now.
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1 day
The same thing happened with me. I had so many photos over the years and suddenly yesterday i couldn't find any of them. My backup was done correctly and I had not deleted anything.
I even checked the archive and it just says no items.
There were many important pics that i had uploaded as well as pics of family trips.
And there is no way to contact google support directly either. This is so frustrating and disappointing.
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