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Why are all my photos uploading again with new Backup and Sync app? Will they be duplicates? 0 respuestas recomendadas 19 respuestas 300 Yo también
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I read previous posts and it seems many others had this problem. I switched to the new app today from the old Google Photo uploader and it is actively scanning and uploading my millions of photos and videos. How do I get it to stop, but yet still detect new photos and videos when I add them? I don't want to ruin my entire photo library with duplicates!
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Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for posting in the Google Photos Help Forum.

It does take approximately 24-48 hours for the photos and videos to sync across all devices. Please ensure to have 'Backup & sync' enabled on the Google Photos settings while you're backing up your photos and videos. It's possible that Google Photos is merely scanning your library again, the scan will take some time, but it shouldn't re-upload the photos entirely as duplicates. The app may look like it's doing this but it's actually doing a re-scan of the photos.

I'd recommend wait for at least 24-48 hours.

Keep me posted.

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So far, it has made duplicates of every single photo as it is scanning. I'm nervous to let this continue as it has already duplicated 2,000 photos and I have 60,000 in my library. Why is it doing this! Google photos is the only way I save my photos and I've spent years organizing them. All my hard work is going down the drain and it looks like I may not ever be able to easily upload photos to google like I have been given this new issue. I use it on my phone, iPad, my husbands phone, and computer. I really don't want to have to manually go through all 60k photos and remove every duplicate. Doesn't google have a solution? I've seen other posts about this same issue - and yes duplicates were made and not just scanning.
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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for writing back.

Google Photos has identical duplicate detection, where if you have uploaded photos to Google Photos already, it will not re-upload the same photo (each photo file has a unique "Hash" that allows us to determine this).

Hence, Google Photos avoids uploading duplicates, when different upload methods or devices are used, as long as the photos aren’t edited. There is no easy way to remove duplicates, but some of the following may help:
  1. You can delete duplicates manually, for example in https://photos.google.com/ where they should be next to each other.
  2. The problem is however which one to delete:
    • one photo may be edited, the other not,
    • one photo may be in an album, the other not.
  3. When the upload dates are different (for example when you uploaded long ago via Picasa, and now again using the Desktop uploader). It may be easier to delete the duplicates in https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_ where they are sorted by upload date.
  4. There are more ways to get a useful search result, for example the device from which they are uploaded.
  5. See https://sites.google.com/site/picasaresources/Home/Picasa-FAQ/google-photos-1/how-to/how-to-search-for-photos
  6. Since very recently it is possible to delete photos directly from an album. Go to "More options" (3-dots icon), and use "Move to trash"
  7. When you uploaded in the free "High Quality" and have your photos in albums, it may be wiser to simply ignore the duplicates in the library.

Unfortunately, a feature to sort and delete duplicates of photos with Google Photos that are already backed up doesn't exist. You may have to manually select the duplicates and delete them.

Meanwhile, also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Photos app on your iOS device to check if it resolves the issue.

Let me know how it goes.

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I just posted a new thread because I didn't see this reply until just now. I did find a thread that said it will not detect duplicates if photos were previously uploaded via Picasa Web Albums, which all of my thousands of old photos were. There is nothing that I have changed or edited with these photos since I originally uploaded with Picasa and/or Google Photos. It has already duplicated over 10,000 photos now. Is there a way to reinstall the Google Photos app as you suggested? I would love to return to the old one and not Backup and Sync as the old one did not have this problem.
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Oh and the tip to delete when sorting by the upload date is awesome. It is helping me delete the thousands of photos relatively quickly.
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Stupid Google Backup and Sync!!!!  It just spent 2 days re-uploading over 80,000 of my photos!!!!!  How can any software be so dumb as to do something like that?  Google, you are better than this.
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Copied from my reply here -
Big thanks @Boiling Coffee for this fix !!!

If you open Google Drive from Backup n' Sync (B&S) - check inside "My Drive" & look for the folder named "Google Photos". This is the folder previously used by good ol'e Photos Backup (may he rest in peace) :'( 
Delete "Google Photos" folder ...then go to the Drive bin, and make sure you delete it from there too. (....and no ....this does not delete your collection of pictures in Google Photos !!!).
Also ...for good measure ....change the setting from sync "Only Photos and Videos" TO ...."All files and folders" 
B&S gets stuck in a stupid never ending loop of time wasting, bandwidth chomping, processor hogging, because it's trying to sync not only the folder you've just told it to backup (where your pics reside on the PC / laptop) but also the "OLD" "Google Photos" folder in My Drive. Realizing time after time after time ...etc ....that it can't have the same versions of the photos / videos synced on G-Photos.... so goes back & tries again, and again, and again (every reboot) ...just in case Mr Google has changed the rules while you'd put your computer to bye-byes ....which he hasn't !!! STUPID thing!
After I restarted my laptop, having deleted the offending folder (and checking Google Photos in a sweaty fear that I'd deleted forever, my beloved 30,000+ photos & videos I'd spent many an hour editing & saving.....but were still there ...fully intact and edited) .... B&S chomped it's way through everything again .....but this time ... ONLY ONCE !!!! HOO-FLIPPING-RAAAAHHHH.
Now ....it spends about 20 to 30 seconds on reboot, making sure it's done it's job of backing up ...maybe letting you know of a couple it can't sync (but doesn't tell you why .... tut-tut), ..then lets you and your computer get on with your day. FINALLY. .....it's tamed (pat on the li'll head to B&S).
Mr Google ......if only you'd told B&S not to bother looking at the "My Drive / Google Photos" folder in the first place, ....ever, never, and forever...then li'll B&S as well as the rest of the worlds community of photograph savers, might have been prevented from wasting a good proportion of time, energy, reboots, patience, and the excessive use of not-so-friendly naughty words!!!
Good luck.

Mr. Google ....please tell B&S to close his eyes to that folder in a very-soon-urgently-needed-now-please, update.
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Why does the app rescan my local photos every time I reboot my iMac? Yes, it _is_ detecting that it already uploaded them, so I'm not getting duplicates, but the process takes literally over a week, as I have about 500 gig of photos. Note that the sync only seems to rescan my external USB drive, not the internal boot drive. Such a dumb situation!

Not to mention how much internet bandwidth it's costing me..
Some sort of metadata on the local drive to tell sync it's already done the scan would be bloody obvious..
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