Judson Hall

Moved photo album, now Google photos is re-uploading the entire collection.

Is there anyway to tell Google Photos to NOT re-upload everything? It's killing my bandwidth! :(

I moved my collection off my C: drive for space purposes. I then changed the directory in Google Photos settings. Now its trying to re-upload all the images.  
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Hi Judson:

When you move photos to a new folder Google Photos Backup will find the photos, then the de-duplicating feature will check to see if they have been previously uploaded.  If they have, it will skip that photo upload and check the next one and so on. So, it will look like it is uploading again, but it will just cycle through all the photos and only upload those that were not previously uploaded.

Here is some more info:
You are talking about the computer Program Google Photos Backup uploader, so we need to make sure you know what it's capabilities are. It is simply an uploader program, it scans your computer (the folders in the box "Desktop Folders") for photos and uploads them to your Google Photos cloud storage.
In addition, if you have the box checked for "Cameras and Memory cards", it will upload the photos it finds on cards plugged in to your computer to Google Photos web storage.
There a few characteristics of GPB (the Google Photos Backup program on your computer) you should know about:
  • GPB does not Sync Photos to or from your computer to Google Photos, it's only purpose is to get the photos from your computer to Google Photos.  Once it finds a photo on your computer and uploads it, from then on it ignores changes/edits to that photo  on either side.
  • GPB does DE-duplicating to avoid copying duplicates to GP. Whenever GPB is going to upload a photo to GP, it computes a hash for that photo and sends that hash to GP asking if it already has that photo. If told it is already there, GPB marks it as already uploaded in it's database. From then on it is ignored even if edited.
  • If you Reset and restart GPB after it has uploaded photos, it will start over counting the number of photos on the PC, then it will count down, but this does not mean duplicates are being uploaded, de-duplicating will check them and not upload the photos already uploaded.
  • A hash is not computed by Google Photos for photos uploaded by other methods (Like uploading Picasa albums), so uploading by other methods could result in duplicates.
  • If you want to edit a photo in Picasa or any other photo editor, save the photo as a new name and it will be uploaded by GPB.
  • If you edit a photo in Google Photos, and want the edited photo on your computer, you will have to download it from GP to your computer.




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