Sync your favourite photos with Apple Photos

Automatically sync your favourite photos between Apple Photos and Google Photos.

How it works

  • Your favourite (heart) photos in Apple Photos become favourites in Google Photos.
  • Your favourite (star) photos in Google Photos become favourites in Apple Photos.
  • If you unfavourite photos in Google Photos, it unfavourites photos in Apple Photos and vice versa.

Tip: You must use an iOS device for this feature.

Turn sync on or off

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Google Photos Photos.
  2. At the top right, tap your account profile photo.
  3. Tap Photos settings Settings.
  4. Tap Apple Photos.
  5. Tap Sync favourites On.
  6. Tap Turn on sync or Turn off sync.


  • If you already use Google Photos, you might see a prompt in the Google Photos app. Tap your Favourites folder to turn on sync and see your favourites in Apple Photos.
  • If you turn off Sync favourites, it takes effect for future photos. Photos that are already favourites stay favourites.
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