Check your backup

Your missing photo or video may not be backed up to Google Photos. Your backup settings are important to how and when Google Photos backs up your items.

Review backup settings

  1. Open Google Photos .
  2. At the top, tap Menu And then Settings.
  3. Tap Back up & sync.
  4. Check your settings:
    • Back up & sync: Make sure "Back up & sync" is turned on.
    • Backup account: Make sure you back up your photos and videos to the right Google Account.
    • Back up device folders: If you want to see photos and videos from other apps or devices in your Google Photos library, make sure you turn on your available device folders.
    • When to back up: Make sure you know when Google Photos backs up your photos and videos. You can choose to back up items over mobile data.

Tip: If you use an iPhone or iPad, do not quit the Google Photos app while it’s backing up items.

Still missing photos or videos?

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