See photos & videos with Google Photos & Google Drive

To organize your items how you want, sync your photos with Google Drive and Google Photos.

Before you sync photos & videos from Google Drive

To sync your photos and videos stored in Google Drive to Google Photos:

  • You have to be the owner of the photos and videos, and the folder in Drive.
  • The photo must be larger than 256 pixels.
  • The file type must be .jpg, .gif, .webp, .tiff, or .raw. Learn about supported .raw file types.

If you use your Google Drive account through work or school, you can’t sync your photos and videos.

Tip: To download all your photos and videos to your device, use Google Drive.

Make sure you download and install the Google Photos app.

Sync photos and videos to Google Drive

To automatically add photos and videos from Google Photos to Google Drive:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app Drive.
  2. In the top left, tap Menu Menu and then Settings Settings.
  3. Under Google Photos, turn on Auto Add.


  • If you turn on "Auto add," you’ll find items uploaded to Google Photos in a "Google Photos" folder in My Drive.
  • Google Photos is separate from the "Google Photos" folder in My Drive. Items in this folder won't be grouped in an album in Google Photos. If you add an item to this folder, it will not be added to your Google Photos library.

If you use Backup and Sync on your computer, you’ll find items in the Computers tab in Drive.

Sync photos and videos to Google Photos

You can automatically sync photos and videos to your Google Photos library if they are in My Drive or the Computers tab in Google Drive.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app Photos.

  2. At the top, tap Menu Menu and then Settings.
  3. Turn on Google Drive.
  4. Tap Sync.

What happens when you change or delete a photo

If you sync Google Photos and Google Drive, learn how changes affect your photos or videos in both places.

When you make a change in Google Photos

  • Delete a photo: the photo will also be deleted from Google Drive.
  • Edit a photo: changes will not show in Google Drive.

When you make a change in Google Drive

  • Delete items from the "Google Photos" folder: they will be removed from your Google Photos library. 
    • Note: if the photo is in a Google Photos album, it will stay in the album.
  • Move photos from the "Google Photos" folder to a different folder, then delete them: they’ll also be deleted in Google Photos.
  • Delete folders, including the "Google Photos" folder: the photos and videos in those folders will stay in Google Photos. This is to avoid deleting all your photos and videos by accident.

Check your storage

Your photos and videos are stored using your Google Account's storage space.

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