Your contact information stays private with Verified Calls

Verified Calls help you make informed decisions about incoming calls. To help you avoid scams and fraud, Google integrates with participating businesses to:

  • Verify the business caller’s identity.
  • Display the business’s reason for calling.
  • Display the business’s logo.

To keep your data private, Google doesn't share sensitive information about you with our business partners.

How Verified Calls work

Calls are verified in the following way:

  1. Before a business calls you, it sends Google’s dedicated Verified Calls server:
    • The business’s phone number.
    • Your phone number.
    • The call reason, like “Scheduling your internet installation” or “Your food delivery.”
  2. Google sends this information to your device’s Google Phone app.
  3. When the business calls you, your device compares the incoming call information with the information Google received from the business. If there’s a match, the Phone app displays the call as a Verified call.
  4. Within minutes of verification, Google deletes your phone number and the call reason from the Verified Calls server.
Verified Calls is turned on by default. Your device won’t show Verified Call information if any of the following is true:

Tip: Calls without the “Verified Call” badge aren’t always spam. The call might be from a registered business that didn’t provide the Verified Call information.

How we protect your data

With Verified Calls, you can confirm a business's identity before you answer their call.

To keep your data private, Verified Calls:

  • Only verifies calls from approved businesses that pass a verification process. Businesses must follow local regulations and Google's policies in order to pass the verification process.
  • Sends all verification data from the business to Google, and from Google to your device, over a Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted network.
  • Provides an opt-out option for Verified Calls. Learn how to turn off Verified Calls.
  • Doesn't collect or store any personally identifiable information after verification. This means that your phone number, device identifiers, and Google Account information aren't associated with any Verified Calls details.
  • Doesn't share information about you with businesses, besides confirming whether you can receive Verified Calls.
  • Doesn't save call data or activity to your Google Account.
You’re in control

You can opt-out of the feature at any time. If you opt-out, Google won’t verify business calls.

To turn off Verified Calls:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Phone app.
  2. Tap More "" and then Settings.
  3. Tap Caller ID and spam.
    • If you don’t find this option, tap Spam and Call Screen.
  4. Turn off Verified Calls.
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