Share your location during an emergency call

When you dial an emergency number, like 999 in the UK, you'll see an 'Emergency number' screen. This screen has info and features to help during the emergency.

Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 9 and up. Learn how to check your Android version.

Read your location to the operator

  1. Open the Phone app phone.
  2. Dial an emergency number.
  3. From your screen, read your location info aloud to the emergency operator. Depending what your phone can detect, you could see:
    • Street address.
    • Plus code (a shorter version of longitude and latitude). Emergency operators might recognise these codes.
    • Longitude and latitude.
    • Map.

Share location and emergency details without speaking (US, UK and AU only)

Important: The automated service works in the country where your SIM card is registered. It won't work when you're travelling, or with Project Fi. 

  1. On your Pixel phone, open the Phone app phone.
  2. Dial an emergency number.
  3. On your screen, tap either Medical, Fire or Police.
  4. The emergency operator will hear:
    • That this voice service is automated
    • The kind of help that you need
    • Your location, if your phone can detect it

The operator hears your info in your region's primary language. If that language doesn't work with text-to-speech, your phone uses a similar language, or English.

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