Screen your calls before answering them

You can see who’s calling and why before you answer a call with the help of your Google Assistant. Call Screen doesn’t use Wi-Fi or your mobile data. Find out more about how Call Screen works with your data.

Screen calls

Call Screen is only available to English speakers in the United States who have Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3 or 3 XL devices. If you don't see Call Screen in the Phone app's settings, it's not yet available.

Make sure that you have version 24 and up for the Phone app.

  1. When someone calls, tap Screen call.
  2. The Google Assistant will help you screen your call, and ask who's calling and why. Then you'll see a real-time transcript of how the caller responds.
    • Call Screen doesn't save to your Google account, your Google Assistant Activity page or to Web and App Activity
  3. Once the caller responds, choose a suggested response or an action. Here are some responses and what the caller will hear:
    • ​​Is it urgent? – “Do you need to get hold of them urgently?”
    • Report as spam – “Please remove this number from your mailing and contact list. Thanks, and goodbye.”
    • I'll call you back – “They can’t talk just at the moment, but they'll give you a call later. Thanks, and goodbye.”
    • I can't understand – “It's difficult to understand you at the moment. Could you repeat what you just said?”

Tip: You can answer or end the call at any time.

Get transcripts for screened calls

Transcripts of screened calls will be saved on your phone. All screened calls will save a transcript.

  1. Go to your screened call, then tap the number or contact's name.
  2. Tap Call details.
  3. For screened call, tap See transcript. You can rate the transcript. The rating is anonymous and Google only collects data on the positive or negative rating.

Delete the transcript: You'll need to delete the whole call log entry for the number. Tap the phone number and then Call details and then Delete Delete.

Info to keep in mind

  • Call Screen doesn’t work with third-party call recording and screen recording apps. These apps may interfere with how the feature works, and we recommend turning off these apps before using Call Screen.
  • Sometimes Call Screen may not understand the caller. To ask the caller to repeat themselves, tap I can’t understand. The caller will hear, “It's difficult to understand you at the moment. Could you repeat what you just said?”
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