Report unauthorised charges

If you see any charges on your payments profile or credit or debit card statement that you don't think you made, try the following before contacting Google.

Check that the charge came from Google

Charges for Google products or services appear on your card statement starting with 'Google'.

If the charge isn't from Google, contact your bank.

Double-check common issues

These common issues are often mistaken for unauthorised charges:

  • Family and friends: Check to see if family or friends who have access to your card or account have bought something.
  • Cancelled orders: If you've cancelled an order recently, you might still see a pending charge. The amount will disappear after a short period of time as the cancellation is processed.
  • Duplicate charges: With some purchases, you might see a pending authorisation in the same amount as the charge. It should disappear within a few days.
    If you still think that you have been charged twice for something, sign in to Subscriptions and services and check your orders for duplicates.
  • Recently added payment methods: When you add a payment method to your payments profile, such as a new card, you might see a small pending transaction on your bank statement. This is temporary authorisation that you won't be charged for.

Compare your Google purchase history with your card or bank statement

It's easy to forget a purchase that you've made. Before reporting a charge as unauthorised, compare your Google purchase history with the charges listed on your card or bank statement to help remind yourself of any purchases that you've forgotten.

To view your Google purchase history:

  1. Sign in to Google payments subscriptions and services.
  2. Click into the individual subscriptions and services to view transactions for that product.

Check your subscriptions

Make sure that the charge isn't from a subscription that you or a family member has set up.

View, edit or cancel your subscriptions.

What to do after finding an unauthorised charge

Report the unauthorised charge

If you still don't recognise the charge and think it is fraudulent, report it to us. If the charge isn't from Google, contact your bank.

After you've reported the charge, you can check the status of your submission.

Change your password

If you share your device with others (such as a young child) or suspect that someone has your password, change or reset your password.

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