Create a payments profile

Set up your payments profile when you're ready to publish an app in the Google Play or Chrome Web Stores. Before you start, make sure that your location is supported for developer and merchant registration.
To create a merchant payments profile, you must create a Developer Account first.

To use Play Console to create your payments profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a Google developer account or sign in to go to Play Console to create your payments profile. Note: If you're a Chrome Web Store developer with apps or extensions already in the Chrome Web Store, make sure that you use the same email address when you sign up for your Play Console and payments profile so that those apps/extensions will be automatically linked to your payments profile.
  2. At the top of the page, click Settings and then Account details.
  3. Under 'Merchant Account', click Set up a merchant account. You'll be redirected from Play Console to the payments centre to set up your payments profile. Make sure that you have your business information available to set up your payments profile.
  4. Enter your legal business name: Enter the name of your business as you want it to appear on your payments profile. This information will be shown to your customers and also on your receipts.
  5. Enter contact name: Enter the name of an authorised representative for your company who Google can contact if we have questions about your payments profile.
  6. Enter business location: Provide your legal business address as it appears on official documents. It's important that we have a valid, physical address on file for your business. We don't allow you to use a PO box address. Later, you'll need to make sure that your bank account is registered in the same country listed in your payments profile. Learn more about bank account requirements.
  7. Enter business phone number: Google will use this number to contact you if we have questions about your account.
  8. Enter the following public business information, or choose to match your public merchant profile and payments profile information:
    • Your business website.
    • The category of your products (i.e. what you sell).
    • Your customer support email address.
    • The business/product name that will appear on your customers' credit card statements. Note: To help customers remember what they purchased and keep chargebacks to a minimum for you, use an appropriate credit card statement name.
  9. When you've finished, click Submit.
    Note: You cannot change your business location country but you can change your public merchant and payments profiles later.

For Chrome developers with apps/extensions already in Chrome Web Store, use the email associated with those apps/extensions when you create your Play Console and payments profile so that they are automatically associated to your new accounts.  

If you have several shop fronts or websites, you can create multiple payments profiles. You’ll use a different email to sign in to each account. Although you can use the same bank account information for more than one account, you may be required to complete the verification process each time.

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