Merchant sales tax overview

It’s up to merchants to set tax rates for customers in many countries. If tax rates for your location change, you're also responsible for updating the tax rates that customers are charged. If you don't specify any tax information, Google won't apply taxes to your orders. If you need tax assistance, consult with a qualified tax professional.

VAT for EU customers

Google is responsible for determining, charging, and remitting value-added tax (VAT) for Google Play Store app and content purchases for European Union (EU) customers (as required by VAT laws in the EU). Google sends VAT for EU customers’ app and content purchases to the appropriate authority and impacted merchants don’t need to calculate and send VAT separately for EU customers.

As a result, all merchants selling products to customers in applicable countries cannot set tax rates for those EU countries. Additionally, we deduct the VAT amount from merchant payouts for sales to customers in applicable EU countries.

Learn more about tax rates and value-added tax, including which countries require VAT collection.
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