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Important: Google can't provide advice on tax issues. For help with your tax situation, consult your tax adviser.

Depending on your location and the address info that you provide to Google, Google may be required to collect tax-related info from you. If you must provide your tax info to Google, you can do so from the Google payments center. Not everyone is required to provide tax info. If you're eligible for tax exemptions for Provincial Government status or First Nations status, you can provide your tax info along with a proof document that shows your eligibility.

Provide tax info for Canada 

This form is optional and you don’t have to complete it. However, if you or your organization are eligible for tax exemptions, you must provide the requested info.

  1. Sign in to the Google payments center.
  2. Next to “Canada tax info,” click Settings and then Edit Edit.
  3. Click Manage tax info and then Add tax info.

For more info about Canada taxes, consult the tax authority or a tax adviser.

Default tax rates

Your tax rates are determined by the province in the legal address on your payments profile. The default applicable tax rules apply, unless you claim a different status such as tax exemption for Provincial Government or First Nations status. 

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST): Federal rate that applies to all of Canada
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST): Applies to Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island
  • Provincial Sales Tax (PST): Applies to British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan in addition to GST
  • Quebec Sales Tax (QST): Applies to Quebec in addition to GST

Canada tax exemptions for nonresident entities

If you’re a customer of Google LLC, you’re eligible for the following tax exemptions: 

  • GST/HST (customers can add their tax IDs to their payments profile)
  • QST (customers can add their tax IDs to their payments profile)
  • PST Reseller (customers can add their tax IDs to their payments profile)

In Canada, Google LLC is registered for the simplified GST/HST regime pursuant to Section 211.11 of the Excise Tax Act and is registered for the simplified QST regime pursuant to Section 477.5 of the Act respecting the Quebec Sales Tax.

Canada tax exemptions for local Canadian entities

If you’re a customer of Google Canada Corp or Google Cloud Canada Corp, you’re eligible for the following tax exemptions:

  • PST Reseller, customers can add their tax IDs to their payments profile
  • First Nations
  • Provincial Government

If you select First Nations or Provincial Government, you’re asked to upload a document that proves your eligibility for tax exemptions.

Accepted documents to prove tax exemption eligibility

First Nations status

Provide one of the following documents: 

  • Certificate of Indian Status card
  • Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document (TCRD)
  • Band Certificate

Provincial Government status

Provide a certificate of exemption that shows you don't have to pay GST or HST, signed by an authorized official. 

  • Your business name on the document must match the one in your payments profile and tax info. 
  • Your legal address must be in one of the following provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, or Yukon province.

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