Update your account type

To pass identity verification, your account type needs to be set correctly. You can set a payment profile as an individual or organisation.

What you need

  • If your account type is 'individual' You're required to provide an ID document that matches the name that you submit for verification.
    • An individual includes most solo business owners, like freelancers or consultants, who aren't registered as an organisation.
  • If your account type is 'organisation' You're required to provide a document with the organisation's name. The name that you submit for verification must be the exact same name as on the document you provide. To complete verification, you must have payments admin account access.
    • An organisation includes most businesses, nonprofits and corporations. For example, the document that you submit for verification needs to show that the organisation is registered.

Update your account through product

To change your account type, follow the process for the Google product that you use.
Google Ads
To request a change of account type, contact the Google Ads support team.
Google Play
Contact the Play support team.
Google AdSense
For more details and next steps, check your AdSense account type.
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